Our Classic Gift Box selection offers traditional Canadian cheeses that are milder in character than our Gourmet Gift Box line.  If you enjoy mild, younger cheddars, marble cheese or mild bries then this is the selection for you.  This gift box line also offers the Canadian made Greaves jams in a range of choices along with the unique extra-old cheddar hearts.

Please note

  • The Classic Gift Box line is currently only available during the Holiday Season
  • Custom gift basket designs are available year round.



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Crackers, Cheese & Fruit Preserves, Please

$35.00 (Gift 101)

  • Water crackers (62 g)
  • Springbank-brand Canadian Old Cheddar (170g)
  • Springbank-brand Canadian Havarti (170g)
  • Two  wedges of Swiss Knight Gruyere  (14g)
  • Two French Mini Babybels (22g)
  • Greaves fruit preserve from Niagara-on-the-Lake (64ml)

Canadian Cheese Lovers’ Delight

$40.00 (Gift 102)

  • Three Canadian Cheddars (Medium and Old), Marbled, Farmers and Havarti (170g each)

Canadian Tradition

$45.00 (Gift 103)

  • Extra – Sharp White Cheddar cut from the heart of premium-quality cheddar (1 kilogram)

The Gourmet Touch

$70.00 (Gift 104)

  • Farmers Cheese (170g bar)
  • Medium, Old and Extra-Old Cheddar  (170g bars)
  • Four Swiss Knight Gruyere from Switzerland (14g wedges)
  • Four French Mini Babybel wheels (22g)
  • Creamy Brie from Denmark (125g)
  • Water crackers (62g box)
  • Three Greaves fruit preserves from Niagara-on-the-Lake (64ml jars)
  • Two packages of Twinings tea (10 bags in each)

The International Fare

$100.00 (Gift 105)

  • Three Cheddars (Medium, Old and Extra-Old), Marbled, Farmers & Havarti (170g bars)
  • Six French Mini Babybel wheels (22g ea)
  • Danish Camembert and Brie in 125g tins
  • Flavored Chevrai soft unripened goat cheese (113g log)
  • Six Greaves fruit preserves from Niagara-on-the-Lake (64ml ea)
  • Paris Toast crackers (80g – 36 mini-toasts) 

Treasure Chest

$145.00 (Gift 106)

  • Farmers, Medium, Old and Extra-Old Cheddar; and Marbled (a 170g bar of each)
  • Creamy Danish Brie and Camembert (125g ea)
  • Six 22g French Mini Babybel wheels
  • Flavored Chevrai soft unripened goat milk’s cheese (113g)
  • Twelve 14g wedges of Swiss Knight Gruyere
  • Paris Toast crackers (80g, 36 mini-toasts)
  • Water crackers  (62g box)
  • Traditional Swiss mountain fondue (400g)
  • Six jars of Greaves fruit preserves from Niagara-on-the-Lake (64ml ea)
  • Two flavourful 10-packs of Twinings tea
  • Aromatic ground coffee (50g)
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